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Moonfish is officially dead (just in-case you didn't know) life got in the way and I was too frustrated with my lack of skill to draw the comic how I wanted, also, lack of any plot WHAT SO EVER meant the comic was just awful and I hated it.

However, I do have a new comic, which is scripted, and all plotted-out already, so it won't be abandoned like Moon Fish, I'm sad to say goodbye to it but I have moved on both artistically and mentally.

The new comic can be found here:

I hope you all come to read it and enjoy it as much (hopefully more) than moonfish.
It's a fantasy genre comic just like Moon Fish, and has it's own share of lady love, only this comic will feature NSFW content, sex scenes and such, as I'm now comfortable enough with my drawings to draw some good old fashioned smut.

You'll notice the main character has white hair just like Lestte, homage to her <3 I couldn't forget her completely.
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October 4th, 2012, 9:30 pm



Roselestte October 4th, 2012, 9:30 pm

Yo guys, I dunno if ANY of you are going to get this but HERE IS SOME NEWS:

The Bad news: Sorry about this comic, it's dead.

I started it when I wasn't very good at drawing, and became increasingly more frustrated that I couldn't draw the comic how I wanted, I cut corners, and it made for a bad comic, I also made it up as I went along which meant for the WORST plot ever, so it was really going no where.

The Good News (maybe?): I have another comic (different characters, different story) that I've just uploaded here, it's scripted, has a full plot-line, and I won't be abandoning it like this as it's something I genuinely enjoy, am genuinely excited about, and I use it to frequently flesh my portfolio with character design/environment art/weapon art/concept art exercises and such.
It's a fantasy comic like Moon Fish, but different universe, there's demons and warrior ladies (no metal bikinis allowed!) lesbians, witches, monsters, lesbians, battles, gore, lesbians and sex, and lesbians.

The comic can be found here:

My skill is at a stage where I can confidently illustrate how I want to, I obviously have a long way to go and lot's to learn but it's good enough for me right now.
It will be NSFW and will contain multiple sex scenes, I'm not sure how graphic I'm going to make them just yet but there will be lady sex in there, as it's a personal fun-project of mine, i get to draw what I want, and I wanna draw lady sex, so yeah. haha.

I hope you all come to read it, and I hope you enjoy it, feel free to drop me a line, and checkout my tumblr for artwork and frequent updates and such:

September 22nd, 2008, 11:07 am


Moon Fish info and such

Roselestte September 22nd, 2008, 11:07 am

Thankyou very much to all of you who read my comic "Moon Fish" :D

After page 20, or perhaps after the completion of the first chapter (around 25+ pages) I will be taking a short break.

I am very thrilled with all the comments you readers have left, everytime i read your comments it gives me such a boost to draw new pages!

I sketch ink and shade/colour all my own pages, so that is why it takes me so long to update I am afraid.

Note: the pages I post here at smackjeeves may be different from my deviantart account, this is due to me cleaning up and changing content for smackjeeves so the pages look better :P

all in all, the pages I post here are more refined.

I do have a Deviant art page where moonfish art and the like can be found at most of my work is lesbian/ girl love related <3

thankyou very much for reading! I will be updating more shortly.